Digitization in the Philippines Healthcare Industry

In the Philippines, the healthcare industry faces many issues.

January 2020 , by

In the Philippines, the healthcare industry faces many issues such as changing medical needs, rising costs, and lack of infrastructure and it is sacrificing the quality of services being offered to patients.  Digitization in healthcare can address gaps in these areas, according to our latest report titled “Can Digitization Fix the Philippines’ Healthcare Challenges?” 

Although digitization efforts in the industry are slowly gaining momentum, they still continue to be fragmented. Due to the lack of industry standards governing digitization efforts, digital health technologies such as EMRs are not yet utilized to its full functionality. To address this issue, digitization across all systems owned by the healthcare stakeholders is considered as one of the mechanisms that must be implemented while ensuring compliance with the regulations.

Philippines Healthcare Digitization

For more details about Digitization in the Philippines Healthcare, download the full version of the report here.

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