Reimagining Healthcare in Vietnam

YCP Solidiance, alongside Mekong Capital and Doodle Design, challenged 40 healthcare professionals to address Vietnam's healthcare needs.

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On April 9 and May 13, 2021, YCP Solidiance, alongside Mekong Capital and Doodle Design, gathered 40 professionals from across the healthcare industry to on the challenge of reimagining healthcare in the country through a holistic and empathetic patient-centric lens, with the goal of helping improve the overall quality and efficiency of care. 

Participants in the workshop and webinar sessions were led by Doodle Design through a series of design-thinking methodologies to address the medical needs of four distinct patient personas, crafted to represent the unique needs of Vietnam’s diverse population. The result was over 400 ideas, further vetted and filtered to form 9 Big ideas ranked based on their potential impact on patient outcomes and relative feasibility. These nine game-changing ideas, as well as the holistic methodology used, are outlined in this white paper.

This publication provides an in-depth look into the four majority patient personas used in the workshop, outlining their demographic and ethnographic qualities, along with the most prevalent diseases and medical needs that drive their approach to healthcare. 

The 9 Big Ideas are also explored in this paper, along with the global best-practice methods used to brainstorm these ideas. The final list was assessed using two critical criteria:

Achieving patient-centric outcomes that raise the quality of care requires stakeholders across the healthcare sector to work together and contribute equally. Some of these 9 Big Ideas, specifically those that utilize digital solutions, are now being realized and accelerated in real-time to help Vietnam adapt to living with COVID-19, and ease the burden on frontline professionals.

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