Manufacturing Plant Feasibility Study for Global Construction Materials Player

YCP Solidiance helps a global construction materials player with a feasibility study of manufacturing plant.



A global construction materials player specializing in insulation and waterproofing membranes assessing whether to build or acquire a manufacturing plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The client wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of the GCC's competitive construction materials market, assess future growth of the industry across the GCC with a primary focus on Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and determine the best country and site to build or buy a plant.


Our team of analyzed the GCC's construction material market doing a deep-dive on the insulation and waterproofing industry, with an emphasis on competitive landscape. We conducted exhaustive interviews with a wide range of stakeholders to understand supply and demand, which products had room to grow, and what type of customers from which countries were buying. Once YCP Solidiance determined there was room for another manufacturer to play, we compared strategic manufacturing options for the client. We identified a player to buy and integrate into Middle East operations and prioritized key markets the site could supply to in the MENA and ASEAN markets.

Clients Study of Manufacturing Plant


We delivered a "ready-to-execute" plant launch strategy and roadmap, identifying the most opportunistic and strategically sound manufacturing plant to acquire and start manufacturing products within 12 months. We also identified high priority sales channel partners in key GCC markets and ranked export markets which would take excess production to reach production capacity as quickly as possible.

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