Working at YCP Solidiance

Working at YCP Solidiance

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are...


We believe that working as a team is at the heart of great achievements. We seek individuals with bright interpersonal and communication skills to forge a strong team, key to great accomplishments.


Analytical thinking and problem solving capabilities are crucial for the business. We expect that our team has the ability to derive insightful conclusions from questioning and incorporating different pieces of information.


We are looking for individuals who enjoy interactions and as well as people with the ability to communicate and engages ideas to team members and clients.


We seek quick-witted individuals with utmost attention towards every little detail, whom only settle for performing perfection for our clients.


We are a team of people cultivating ideas and innovation to seek improvement for our firm, client’s business, and our environment to be a leading management consultancy in Asia.


We believe that strong dedication to our projects lead to outcomes that go beyond expectation. We look for people with passion to confront any challenges and strive for the best.

Embrace these five things for greater professional experience in the consulting business:

Hands-on management consulting skills

Gain direct knowledge by working alongside our team to solve some of our clients' pressing issues. From consumer goods to e-commerce, and from manufacturing to healthcare industries, your growth opportunities are wide open.

Deep Asian market knowledge

We take Asia focus seriously. This strategic choice grants us projects that are always as exciting, fast-paced, and unique as it is a fastest growing economic region.

International exposure and business travels

We work with global firms, large multinational companies, and some of the fastest local businesses across Asia Pacific. Our team often travel overseas to better support our clients, no matter where they are.

Solid team work across the region

Ensuring quality work in every deliverable takes more than just skills - it takes solid team work. Experience working seamlessly and collaboratively with our team spanning across 18 countries.

Merit-based growth opportunities

Open collaboration among our team enables every individual to receive equal opportunities for professional growth. Hardworking individuals with intelligence, integrity, and tenacity often result in great, tangible achievements.

Career Path

Career Path

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