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Our private equity & investment advisory services cover Asia's rising investment opportunities various areas :

Portfolio and performance management: Your revenues, assets, and profitability are prone to the impacts of current market turbulence and regulatory changes across the region. Consulting team at YCP Solidiance gains extensive experience from our portfolio businesses and principal investments which enable us to provide an end-to-end support to improve your bottom line and establish risks management strategies, from planning to implementation.

Asia M&A strategies: The increasing trade tensions are affecting executives' decision making as business uncertainties continue to play out. Understanding the impact on merger and acquisition (M&A) potential in the Asian region requires deep, extensive assessment on the challenges, opportunities, and strategies to mitigate risks of investing in the region.

Fintech in Asia: The region is a hotbed for fintech activities driven by rising middle class, high growth of digital penetration, and rapidly developing economies. With a number of tech unicorns disrupting some of the leading banks / insurances and gaining massive customer base, leading financial services players are forced fight to win back their tech-savvy consumers throughout the region.

Exit support: Pulling off a successful exit is becoming more challenging, as the owner of private equity needs to position the business for delivering value for years to come. YCP Solidiance's consulting team will support clients to deliver important and successful exit, realizing the value of the firm has created.

Electric Vehicle in Indonesia

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Indonesian Government to Support Electric Vehicle Adoption

The government through the presidential decree is determined to give full support to everyone involved in the adoption of EV in Indonesia.

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Corporate Entity Restructuring Advisory and M&A Target Search

The client is a Fortune 500 multinational company focused on medical imaging and sensing devices.

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