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Digitization in Logistics: Efficiency is the name of the game in logistics. Optimizing asset turnover, and ensuring optimal resource utilization can make or break the balance sheet of logistics companies. Yet, it is one of the industries with very low levels of digitization, especially in the long tail of the industry. YCP Solidiance's consulting team will help you unlock higher levels of productivity in the rapidly growing logistics market in Asia.

Express & Last Mile Logistics: Accelerated by COVID-19, Express and Last Mile logistics are among the fastest-growing industry segments across all business areas. Changing consumer behavior, rising cross-border trade, the convenience offered by e-commerce & m-commerce, and billions of PE and VC dollars pouring into this segment have ensured rapid innovation and thousands of new tech companies entering this space. YCP Solidiance works with clients to enable them to be front-runners in this space.

Cold Chain & Healthcare logistics: COVID-19 vaccine distribution exposed the need for critical cold chain infrastructure across the world. Although the vaccine volumes are small, the increasing share of biologics in healthcare demands higher investments in cold chain logistics. Catering to rising standards of living & reducing supply chain losses in Food also requires robust cold chain infrastructure. Our consultants have the right skills and experience to help you make the right investments in the cold chain logistics space.

Automation in Logistics: Logistics companies need to embrace high levels of automation to cater to the complexity and speed of eCommerce logistics. Warehouse automation, Warehouse management systems, Transport Management Systems, IoT & higher levels of sensorization, autonomous vehicles, AI for better navigational intelligence, Drones for stock taking, PUDO stations, all aim to increase efficienciy in logistics. YCP Solidiance's expertise in logistics automation can provide you with insights and strategies to leverage technologies to unlock value.

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