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Our technology advisory services covers Asia's latest technology, media, and telecommunication landscape across various areas :

IoT and Big Data: the power of data and high connectivity across aspects of businesses have become essential for companies to grow in the technology industry. Our technology and digital consultants' know-how will help you maximize the value of your data to improve your business edge, streamline your operations, and better serve your consumers in Asia.

Advanced analytics: Advanced analytics enables companies to forecast future business trends. It is a valuable resource that can create many advantages in the market, and the YCP Solidiance team knows how to establish and integrate analytics in the tech business context.

Artificial intelligence: Being one of the biggest revolutions that technology bring to the world, AI can either eliminate businesses or accelerate its growth. YCP Solidiance helps companies embrace new AI technologies by coming up with the right approach to utilize the technology and software, in order to enable them to win in the market.

Cloud computing: There has been a growing number of businesses shifting to cloud services or SaaS. Cloud computing has many benefits for companies; more flexibility, security, and cost-efficiency are just some of them. YCP Solidiance's technology consultants will find the best solutions to help you shift from old fashioned software to new and more reliable technologies.

Digital media: The digital media industry has completely transformed the way we watch movies, play video games, and receive news. Media businesses must embrace these transformations to maintain their position in the market. At YCP Solidiance, our consultants have the right skills to advise players in the industry on what strategies to implement to achieve target projects.

Asia's evolving 5G Network: Technology is evolving at a lightning speed with the arrival of 5G network in Asia, which could potentially change how businesses operate and create new trends of communication. The 5G network will bring significantly faster broadbands and more innovative products to better serve the Asian consumers. Consultants at YCP Solidiance will provide the right strategy for telecommunication players to fully leverage this and keep up with the pace.

Augmented and virtual reality: Humans are now able to explore fully immersive computer-generated worlds and overlay computer graphics onto their view. Both VR and AR applications will become more powerful and increasingly sophisticated to create higher quality visuals. YCP Solidiance's know-how in this space will help you come up with a solid action plan to leverage VR and AR technologies for your business.

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