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YCP Solidiance's consultants enable governments to unlock value in the following areas:

Industry Roadmaps: Promoting the right industries and sectors are crucial for countries to maintain relevance and competitiveness in the face of rapid innovation & evolution of technology. Leveraging unique strengths of the country & the region, and actively guiding the education and labour segments to high value-add industries are critical functions of the relevant ministries. Our consultants help identify key industries and develop robust roadmaps for governments to guide the development of such sectors.

Industrial Zones, Parks & Investment Promotion: Regional authorities accelerate the development of their region through the creation of special industrial zones and industrial parks, with attractive incentives to invite the right companies to set up operations in those zones. These tend to be win-win for those companies as well as the people and authorities of the region. However, developing plans for such zones requires deep and objective analysis of national objectives, competition from other regions, local strengths & weeknesses. YCP Solidiance enables authorities to make the right decisions and choices and attract the right companies for their investment promotion activities.

Sustainability: Meeting national sustainability targets, and aligning with UN SDGs and other ESG targets require nations to translate their national goals into sector-level, and regional targets and action plans. YCP Solidiance enables public sector agencies to map out key metrics to track at a sector, company, or regional level, identify key areas of improvement and provide tools for multi-stakeholders to track, benchmark and improve on their performance, as well as reporting on ESG.

Labour & workforce productivity: Improving labor and workforce productivity, building the right skillsets, and enabling an environment for continuous learning & innovation requires forward-looking policies that foster a learning culture. YCP Solidiance analyses the "as-is" and "to-be" state of labor and workforce and recommends strategies to reach the "to-be" state.

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