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  • Our healthcare advisory services covers Asia's rapidly developing market across various areas :
  • Digitalisation in healthcare: Digitalisation has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the Healthcare system. From block chain systems to AI intelligence, body scans and other services the Healthcare Industry is experiencing an epochal transformation. At YCP Solidiance we embrace disruptive changes and we advise our clients with the newest technological advancements. Our Healthcare and Technology consultants will provide the you a comprehensive strategic plan to win in the Healthcare Asian market
  • Hospital information system & IT healthcare: Hospital information system and IT Healthcare provides substantial benefits to the healthcare industry. Our team of Healthcare has expertise in managed care services, clinical solutions, e-healthcare, ICU informatics, cardiology informatics, patient intelligence and flow, tele health, and real time information. We will find the roadmaps that create competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth in the Asian Healthcare industry.
  • Patient monitoring intelligence & devices: Patient monitoring products constantly face changes in regulations and consequently in market dynamics and competition. YCP Solidiance will forecast future changes and help you anticipate competitors.at YCP Solidiance we have substantial strategy experience in the single parameter, multi-parameter and portable devices: Parameters include: ECG, respiration, BP, temperature, CO, CO2, SPO2, telemetry, etc. We will identify the right strategic plans to achieve top-line growth and beat competition in the Asian market.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The Pharmaceuticals industry is constantly changing in respect to governments regulations and customers demand. YCP Solidiance has helped many Pharmaceuticals company in Asia. We directly work with our clients to understand physicians perspective across originators, biosimilars, non-similar biologics, generics, and so on. We will identify the right distributors and provide you the best strategy to penetrate the Asian Market.
  • Asia hospitals & clinics: Asian private hospitals & clinics are experiencing a significant growth in the Asian Healthcare industry, albeit at different penetration and consumers acceptance rates across the region. Our consultants will identify the right growth opportunities in the private Hospital & clinics sector, we will point out possible acquisition targets and new business models.
  • Medical imaging products: Medical Imaging devices optimize the assessment and well being of patients. Their usage involves broad spectrum of specialist which includes the service of radiologists, radiographers (X-ray technologists), sonographers (ultrasound technologists), medical physicists, nurses, biomedical engineers, and other support staff. YCP Solidiance helps producers of these expensive devices to asses the complex Asian healthcare landscape and achieve profitable growth.
  • Medical diagnostics and laboratories: Medical diagnostic and laboratories play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Providing accurate diagnosis and prognosis is vital to reduce the effects of diseases worldwide. YCP Solidiance will asses the best strategy for your company to win in the Asian Medial diagnostic and laboratories sector.
  • Medical devices: YCP solidiance has an extensive record of projects in the medical sector, especially in the medical devices segment. We helped clients in Asia to achieve growth in IVD, molecular diagnostics, imaging, PoC applications, and other medical equipment markets. YCP Solidiance will help you company to explore business opportunities in new markets, partnerships in the Asian region and devise a comprehensive strategy to win in the market.
  • Medical insurance: The world population is growing at a remarkable pace, and consequently also the demand of medical insurance. Governments are more and more concerned about health issues and private players are also increasing their medical services. YCP Solidiance will study competitors and help your company to expand and increase market share.

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