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Airport Automation: COVID-19 demonstrated the need for a low/no-contact airport experience for the safety of passengers & airport staff. High levels of airport automation can improve the efficiency of airports and also improve airport security. YCP Solidiance advises airport automation companies and airports on new opportunities, competitive benchmarking, and KPI setting for translating plans to action.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO): MRO organizations are under intense pressure to achieve a very high level of productivity, and record the lowest turn-around times. There is a ton of value to be unlocked in MROs through better digitization, leveraging technology to automate records, parts management, and collaboration. YCP Solidiance enables MROs to achieve superior productivity in the face of radical shifts and technology evolution in the aerospace industry.

ESG in Aerospace: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an extremely important topic for corporates and governments. Benchmarking against peers, and improving along ESG metrics has gained significant momentum in recent years, and most public companies are actively reporting their ESG performance. YCP Solidiance has developed tools & frameworks that will enable complex Aerospace & Defense organizations to report on their ESG performance.

Market Entry & Roadmaps: Entering a new market, finding local partners, meeting offset requirements, and navigating the government procurement process is usually a long process. As more commercial off-the-shelves solutions find their way into the aerospace & defense & training market, YCP, with its local consultants and extensive industry experience, helps companies shorten their time to market.

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