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Asia Industry 4.0: Manufacturing Industry 4.0 means reducing wastes and increase reliability with advanced engines. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and other digital technologies are enabling businesses to gather and analyze a significant amount of data used to improve manufacturing processes. The industry is drastically evolving, and players in the market must be ready to ride the Industry 4.0 wave. YCP Solidiance's experienced consulting team has an in-depth knowledge of the Asian manufacturing market and helps companies to succeed toward achieving industry 4.0 standards.

Big data, Industrial IoT and AI: The manufacturing industry is undergoing substantial digital transformation. From big data to artificial intelligence, manufacturing operations nowadays are becoming faster, safer, and more productive. At YCP Solidiance, we provide you the right plans to use Big data, Industrial IoT, and AI in the manufacturing industry to beat the competition in the Asian market.

Manufacturing and processing: Asian countries represent diversified manufacturing and processing landscape. From countries with highly skilled labor like China or Singapore, to countries with low production costs such as India or Vietnam, YCP Solidiance helps clients to identify profitable business opportunities in the Asian manufacturing industry.

Chemicals manufacturing: The chemical manufacturing industry is facing significant challenges in Asia, ranging from complicated value chain to commodity products. Our consuting team helps clients by implementing new strategic roadmaps to beat the competition and optimize market penetration.

Industrial lubricants: The industrial lubricant market is characterized by a multilevel and granular supply chain, which can create many issues for businesses. Penetrating the market is difficult when there are uncertainty and time lags. We can help your company to solve these challenges through supply chain optimization in order to increase sales in the Asian market.

Logistics and supply chain: The logistics and supply chain market is undergoing many changes in its business processes. YCP Solidiance can help your company to asses key issues and secure opportunities to win in the logistics market.

Industrial power and energy: Industrial power and energy range from oil and gas, water, and electricity. These traditional sources of power, however, are currently substituted by renewable forms of energy. YCP Solidiance can provide valuable insights and solutions to manufacturing companies in Asia to achieve better power and energy efficiency.

Industrial machinery aftermarket: The industrial machinery aftermarket represents opportunities to make high profits in the market, and it has become five times larger than the original equipment businesses. YCP Solidiance studies the market, competitive landscape, and possible strategies to achieve growth and capture share in the market.

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