Business Trends in the Philippines for 2022

Well into the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in the Philippines have started to adapt and new trends are currently emerging for the coming year.

October 2021 , by YCPS Marketing & Communication Group

Last September 23, 2021, Globe Business, the enterprise and SME arm of PH telco company Globe, held Breaking the Digital Divide: Enhancing and Sustaining Enterprise Workflows Beyond the Pandemic, a seminar that featured a panel of experts discussing the current state of the Philippines’ hospitality and professional services industries. 

Considering the rise of the Delta Variant and the Philippines’ transition into a new alert level-based lockdown system, the future of hospitality and professional services may depend highly on specific market trends, and the different players in these industries must be forward-looking and ready to adapt.  

During her keynote presentation, YCP Solidiance Partner Anna Rellama covered these emerging business trends that companies in the Philippines should look out for with 2022 quickly nearing: 


While many of these trends were presented with hospitality and professional services in mind, it is important to highlight that these insights are indicative of how many other industries in the Philippines are handling the fallout of the pandemic. Taking note of these trends will surely benefit businesses’ operations, but more importantly, consumers who are in continuous search of certain goods and services.  

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