Post-Crash Cryptocurrency Investing Updates in Singapore

What can stakeholders expect in the Singaporean cryptocurrency industry this 2022? Read here to understand more about potential crypto trends.

August 2022 , by Noah Imson

Following a cryptocurrency crash triggered by the collapse of stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) in June 2022, the global crypto market has struggled. In Asia, the effects have been felt as Singapore and its cryptocurrency sector find themselves in a difficult position. Specifically, Singapore-based cryptocurrency firms are under crisis as several companies announced that they are either: (1) functioning at a limited capacity, or (2) facing total closure. 

Just this August 2022, Singapore-based crypto lender Hodlnaut ceased several aspects of its services including withdrawals, token swaps and deposits, and all borrowing and lending. As such, understanding the implications that such developments have are important now more than ever as the Singaporean crypto industry and involved parties navigate a path to normalcy. 

Navigating Industry Recovery 
The less-than-ideal conditions of the cryptocurrency market in Singapore have implications for several types of stakeholders—be it for the government, crypto companies, or investors. The current state of the market will likely affect consumer spending behavior, investor confidence, and even crypto revenue potential, thus forming new market trends.

Considering that Singapore was once touted as the cryptocurrency hub of Asia, the government was initially lenient on cryptocurrency activity as it welcomed a new era of investment. However, this stance is likely to change as the government is expected to introduce reforms that aim to further regulate crypto-related activity. For example, Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), is expected to become even stricter on granting exchange licenses to crypto operators hoping to operate within the country.

In relation, crypto companies based in Singapore will have to cater to both government and consumer demands as it attempts to minimize further damage. To sustain interest and regain its initial momentum among the public, crypto platforms will likely offer favorable terms to their subscribers. Moreover, cooperation between private crypto companies and the Singaporean government will heavily influence the market’s road to recovery.

While the current situation of the cryptocurrency industry in Singapore is unfavorable, the involved stakeholders remain optimistic that the market will eventually bounce back. To recover, expect both the private and public sector players to mitigate losses via continued collaboration. Moving forward, investors should proceed with a certain degree of caution. Further, it is also essential to remain updated with current market trends to better inform future investment decisions.

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