Potential Business Partnerships for Singapore and the Philippines

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore investors have the potential to strike big in the Philippines’ key growth industries.

August 2021 , by Anna Rellama

“Cross-border partnerships are still flourishing even in the time of COVID-19.” This was the key message of the Singapore Business Federation’s event FYI ASEAN: Expanding Trade and Investment Opportunities in the Philippines, held last August 12, 2021 with the participation of several YCP Solidiance professionals. 

Relations between Singapore and the Philippines have always been collaborative and rooted in similar cultures, making both countries ideal investment partners due to their global proximity. Forecasts from the Asian Development Bank show that the Philippines is poised to bounce back as one of Asia’s fastest growing economies this 2021 and beyond, making it the perfect time for foreign players to invest. 

Our Director Anna Rellama gave a presentation on the Philippines’ key growth sectors, and the business opportunities in store for Singapore’s investors: 

Rellama also cites the numerous incentives for foreign players—the CREATE Act, and other upcoming legislation around foreign investment—as helping the local landscape be more investor-friendly for potential partners.   

“Although doing business in the Philippines from Singapore has never been this easy, any on-the-ground implementation may still require boots on the ground,” Rellama says. “The best way forward is to cooperate and partner with local players that can facilitate your growth during these difficult times.”  

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