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  • Our consumer goods advisory services covers Asia's diverse market and areas :
  • Fast moving consumer goods: Fast moving consumer goods have experienced a stable growth in the Asian market. Governments and societies are opening their doors to foreign business and new products in the FMCG industry. At YCP Soldiance, our managers have acquired considerable competences in the Asian FMCG market. We study markets, competitors and find the best business opportunities for your company in the Asian Fast moving consumer goods market.
  • Customer journey optimisation: The customer journey experience is a focal feature in today's Consumer goods market. Improving the end-to-end experience drives customer profitability and loyalty, two key aspects of the Consumer market. At YCP Solidiance we provide our clients with the right know-how to improve customer journey in the Consumer market.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Omnichannel marketing offers customers more ways to interact with your company. As technology accelerate customers must be targeted though a wider variety of touch points. At YCP Solidiance we know how to implement Omnichannel Marketing in the technology industry. We will help your company thrive, obtain new customers and retain old ones in the Asian market.
  • Digitalisation in CPG: Consumers are nowadays purchasing CPG products online more than ever. Medium companies as well as big players in the CPG market have to embrace these changes. They must digitalize their processes and offer new online services. YCP Solidiance Digital consultants have an extensive experience in digitalisation of Consumer goods companies , we will help your company transform from old-fashioned models to more efficient digital models.

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