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  • Our advisory services covers Asia's F&B market across various areas :
  • Digitization in food industry: The Digital revolution has transformed the Agriculture and Food industry. advanced analytics, big data and AI will drive the Food industry to a new era. Increase crop yields, improve efficiency and decrease wastes are just few of the positive impacts of the third agricultural revolution. YCP Solidiance Digital team and consultants have extensive experience in the Digital and Food industry, they will provide the right strategies to win in the digital agriculture and food landscape
  • Agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, seeds & crops: YCP Solidiance has worked with important players in the Asian agricultural market, ranging from chemicals and fertilizer producers, bio fuels, meat production, dairy production, crops, and agriculture equipment companies. We advice these companies on the right strategies to take to penetrate the market and achieve substantial and durable growth.
  • Agricultural machinery and equipments: YCP Solidiance knows that Agriculture machinery & equipment, irrigation equipment, pumps and tractors represent a significant segment of the agriculture industry in Asia. We help these companies to increase their presence in the promising Asian market. We identify the best business opportunities to increase revenues and achieve company targets.
  • Food processing and production: The Asian market and in particular ASEAN countries present numerous opportunities for new businesses in the F&B Industry. At YCP Solidiance we guide our clients into new markets, we study the current situation and we identify new possible localized products that can be launched. We identify roadmaps that will bring our clients to penetrate new markets in the Asian region.
  • Food logistics, distribution, and supply chain: Food logistics can be a challenge for Asian companies and especially for new players in the market. With more than 10 years of experience YCP Solidiance has the right knowledge to guide your company through the supply chain and distribution systems in Asia.

Myanmar’s F&B is a Promising Market in Southeast Asia

Myanmar's food and beverage sector accounted for 15 percent of Myanmar’s total average consumer spending in recent years

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