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  • Our technology advisory services covers Asia's digital and latest tech landscape across various areas :
  • E-commerce in Asia: The E-commerce industry has grown at a staggering rate in recent years in the Asian region. Retail companies have seen a shift of buying habits from old brick and mortars shop to online platforms. Presence in the E-commerce market is necessary for Retail players that want to acquire growth. YCP Solidiance managers have helped many retail companies in Asia to transform and embrace the e-commerce revolution.
  • Digitalisation in retail: From industry operations to customer experience digitalisation in Retail is changing how companies make business in the industry. Digitalisation can bring many advantages to retail companies, ranging form less costs and improved efficiency, to increases in sales and customers fidelity. YCP Solidiance helps companies to digitalize thei operations, we transform your business to achieve higher profits in the Asian retail market.
  • Omnichannel retail strategy: A fully integrated shopping experience in the Retail market increases the possibilities to acquire new customers and retain old ones. Most customer use multiple channel to buy products and it is expected that this trend will grow in future years. YCP Solidiance helps companies that want to transform their channels into an Omnichannel system. We will provide the right know-how and strategies to improve your distribution channel in the Asian retail market.
  • Luxury goods: Luxury goods have experienced an incredible growth all over the world and in Asia. This trend will not stop in future years and Retail companies must be aware of the great possibilities that this niche market offers. At YCP Solidiance help companies increase their presence in the Asian Luxury good market, we identify the best strategies to achieve growth and win in the market.

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Assessment of Opportunity for Iot and Smart Homes Across Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam

The client gets a clear go to market recommendation and strategy on which products should be priority and the approach towards each of the markets.

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