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  • Our technology advisory services covers Asia's digital and latest tech landscape across various areas :
  • Digital transformation: Digital transformation is nowadays present in all aspect of our society and in the business world. Companies must understand the power and the opportunities of digitalization in the business context. YCP Solidiance has acquired a significant knowledge in this field. We help our clients to digitalize their processes in order to improve their overall efficiency and profits in the Asian market.
  • Internet of Things & big data: IoT and Big Data have disrupted the business world in recent years. Gathering and analyzing huge amounts of data has become essential for companies that want to grow in the technology industry. Our Technology and Digital consultants know how to integrate IoT and Big Data in your company. We will provide the right strategies to implement technology advancements and achieve success in the market.
  • Advanced analytics: Advanced analytics enables companies to better predict future trends. It is a valuable resource that can create many advantages in the market and the YCP Solidiance team knows how to integrate advanced analytics in the technology industry.
  • Emerging technologies: Emerging technologies change the market dynamics and consequently companies have to change their strategies. At YCP Solidiance our managers have extensive expertise in the field of emerging technologies. We will help your company throughout the processes needed to embrace emerging technologies in order to be the first players in the technology market.
  • Artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the biggest revolution that the technology world has experienced. Software can now learn and improve without the human need, this eliminates some businesses but it also creates new one. YCP Solidiance helps companies to embrace new AI technologies to anticipate competitors.
  • Cloud computing: Traditional software models are becoming obsolete. More and more, companies are shifting to cloud services or SaaS. Cloud computing has a many benefits for companies, more flexibility, security and cost efficiency are just some of them. YCP Solidiance technology consultants will find the best solutions to shift from old fashioned software to new and more reliable ones.
  • Consumer technologies: Consumer technologies demand is increasing at a staggering rate in Asia. From low end products to high end ones we have the right strategies and roadmaps to help your company enter the Asian market. We will provide you competitive benchmarking analysis and growth strategies to win in the Asian Consumer technologies market.
  • Telecommunication services & equipments: Telecommunication services & equipments play a fundamental role in the Technology Industry. With more than ten years of presence in Asia, and with an extensive track of Telecommunication projects we will help your company to thrive in the Asian market.
  • Digital media: The digital media industry has completely transformed the way we watch movies, play video games, and receive news. Media Business must embrace these transformation in order to maintain their position in the market. At YCP Solidiance our consultants advice players in the Media industry on what strategies to implement to achieve target projects.

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