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Leverage technology to turn digital disruption from theats into opportunities

Scalable digital transformation: We leverage digital to help you turn disruption from a threat to an opportunity throughout the Asian market. Our digital transformation strategy takes into consideration the agility and scalability critical for businesses in this rapidly changing Asian market.

Digital product development: As industry experts who help clients solve their unique problems in Asia, we help build digital products relevant to each sector across its own customer journey. Our aim is to develop digital tools that enable you to move faster, gain competitive advantages, and win the market.

Data, analytics, and digital platforms strategy: A massive influx of data enabled by digital development and rapidly changing market in Asia presents strategic challenges to companies. We help you move beyond traditional data and insights collection by leveraging digital platforms, custom analytics dashboards fit to your exact needs and business.

Internet of things in Asia: The future of Asia will be defined by high connectivity and full enablement of the internet of things across the value chain, but businesses still struggle to unlock its full potentials. Our team helps by identifying the best connectivity solutions and leveraging technologies for your business to enhance your growth in Asia.

Artificial intelligence: Asia's artificial intelligence is still at a nascent stage, and it offers enormous opportunities for businesses seeking to stay ahead in this rapidly growing market. We help you realize this by assessing the machine learning adoption feasibility, improving the data ecosystem, and bridging the possible talent gaps.

Design thinking: Reinforcing a customer-centric approach through design thinking is vital to win in Asia's highly competitive market. YCP Solidiance's industry expertise and deep understanding of the Asian customers enables you to optimize their experience better, no matter which sector your business is honed in.

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Make-A-Thon Program Development

The client wants to increase the number of customers in the SME sector across ASEAN.

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