Transforming Saudi Arabia into the Middle East's Logistics Powerhouse

The logistics industry in Saudi Arabia possess ample room for notable growth, equipping the kingdom to obtain the leading position in the industry.

September 2021 , by
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Despite its success and maturity, the logistics industry in Saudi Arabia still has ample room to grow. The Kingdom’s strategic location and rapid infrastructure development provide unique advantages for the industry. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized and accelerated the adoption of prompt and accurate delivery systems, as well as the specific logistics needs of e-commerce. 

Today, Saudi Arabia has launched various initiatives to facilitate domestic logistics companies to transform digitally. Our latest publication, Transforming Saudi Arabia into the Middle East’s Logistics Powerhouse, explores the measures undertaken by the industry to prioritize customer satisfaction and the growth of innovative logistics solutions, as well as the path of the Saudi logistics market towards full digitalization. 

The Key Drivers of Logistics Growth in Saudi Arabia

Digitalization presents ample opportunities for logistics players to resolve bottlenecks and improve service quality. However, the path towards realizing this goal, and facilitating the further growth of the sector, relies on these interrelated key growth drivers: 

  1. The development of logistics infrastructure: Through the integration of the GCC Customs Unions and the expansion of the King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia is set to become a global logistics hub. 

  2. Innovation and competition through digital means: The growing share of e-commerce and the strong demand for efficient logistics services have practically required rapid digital acceleration within the industry to increase accuracy, speed up the period, and anticipate clients' behavior.

  3. The robust demands from e-commerce and the startup ecosystem: The rise of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia has substantially increased the demand for a logistics process that is reliable, transparent, and on time as the backbone of its supply chains. 

When both private and public institutions synergize for the success of all three key drivers, Saudi Arabia would soon realize notable growth and obtain the leading position in the region's logistics market.

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