Vision Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Advertising

Advertising in China has become increasingly competitive, and marketers are looking to continuously enhance their targeting method using the powerful Vision AI.

July 2021 , by
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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in China has been steady, as this form of technology has been used in different business functions over the years. However, the use of AI in advertising and marketing—particularly the field of facial recognition—is now beginning to provide competitive value as technological advancements have made it possible to use in mining consumer insights.

The Vision AI system has the capability to analyze audience demographics and sentiments across specific advertisements in a designated area like a grocery or department store, by tracking their trajectory and reactions to certain advertisements and variables, swiftly depicting consumer demographics to help marketers create targeted advertisements that lead to conversions. The current use of this Facial Recognition technology in China’s out-of-home advertising industry has helped companies accurately target potential audiences and achieve better financial returns, even amidst the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Core Steps in Successful Vision AI Implementation

However, for the Vision AI system to be successful, companies must take an objective-oriented approach hinged on answering the correct questions and setting the appropriate key performance indicators. To ensure system viability and success, YCP Solidiance has created a disciplined four-step approach to aid companies in navigating this new technology:

  1. Select the appropriate software to meet the objectives of the system.

  2. Select the cameras and other system hardware infrastructure.

  3. Select the Systems Integrator.

  4. Implement the system.

Understanding the importance of these four steps will help companies achieve their goals more efficiently, and provide them with accurate, insightful data to aid in product development and consumer behavior analysis. 

Furthermore, this white paper analyzes how to properly implement the Vision AI system through a series of robust questions, a successful case study, and a thorough inquiry into the capabilities of potential system partners.

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