Accelerating Your Digital Transformation: Are Malaysian Companies Geared to Digitalise?

Malaysia’s digital economy has experienced dynamic growth, contributing 18.5% to the nation’s economy in 2018 with a CAGR of 8%.

June 2020 , by
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The digital economy has experienced robust growth - contributed approximately 18.5% to Malaysia's GDP economy in 2018 and is expected to be on an upward trajectory, contributing 20% to the nation’s GDP this year. Following the impact of restricted movement from COVID-19 has highlighted the benefits and importance of digitalisation even more than before.

However, digital utilisation and adoption in businesses are still lagging behind in certain economic sectors. Our research shows that six out of 10 companies are still at the basic digitalisation stage, and only an estimated four out of every 10 companies have an integrated digital strategy. While the majority of companies acknowledge that digital transformation is imperative to sustainable progress, these ambitions have not been translated into actionable digital strategies.

Embracing Digitalisation: Start Small, Start Now

Companies may use an incremental digitalisation approach to achieve quick wins and subsequently realising the bigger picture. Identify a prioritised area to be digitalised. It is more essential for Malaysian companies to have one, clear, intentional digital strategy incorporated into the business plan. Download the full white paper to learn more about Digitalisation in Malaysia.

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