Telehealth: A Case for An Integrated Care Approach Beyond COVID-19

As healthcare systems across the world grapple with the pandemic, making telehealth more accepted and accessible has become an important goal.

June 2021 , by
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The outbreak of COVID-19 over the past year has made digital acceleration and transformation in healthcare crucial. With health systems all over the world overloaded and overwhelmed by the influx of patients, making telehealth more accessible is of utmost importance.  

Developed by Nextcontinent with insights and input from YCP Solidiance, the white paper “Telehealth: A Case for An Integrated Care Approach Beyond COVID-19” explores the different ways healthcare systems across the world have utilized telehealth both in their fight against COVID-19 and in improving day-to-day hospital systems and processes.   

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telehealth as “the delivery of healthcare services, where patients and providers are separated by distance.” More and more stakeholders are beginning to see the benefits of different telehealth services, which are not only more convenient for patients and medical workers, and can actually help improve the efficiency of the overall healthcare system. 

Integrated Care Approach as Long-Term Healthcare Vision

This white paper also studies the maturity of digital transformation in various hospitals across the world. Part of this deep dive is a look into telehealth monitoring and consultation in Thailand—a subject also discussed in the YCP Solidiance white paper The Future of Smart Hospitals in Thailand, released last April 2021.  

An integrated care approach is recommended for healthcare providers to accelerate digital transformation, especially with the need to shift to a more consumer-centric orientation that improves both the health of the patient and that of the system in general. 

Despite the urgent need to digitalize brought on by COVID-19, the implementation of telehealth within the overall healthcare system—especially with the differences in each country’s needs, culture, and digital understanding—remains a complex task. Download the full report to learn more about the different opportunities within telehealth services and how businesses can play a part in building better integration. 

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