Partner Search for Contract Chemicals Manufacturer

The client intends to develop its car care chemicals business in China.



The client is a Europe-based multinational company focusing on lubricants and car care chemicals manufacturing.


The client intended to develop its car care chemicals business in China, and would like to identify contract manufacturers that fits the stringent criteria of being their partner in China. They did not have local manufacturing capabilities and had to outsource this to local contract manufacturers, also known as "Toll Blenders". To help the client, we conducted detailed company research to identify and ascertain which Toll Blender met most or all of the criteria.


The team conducted exhaustive desk research and also direct in-person interviews with toll blenders on the medium list to determine if they meet the criteria for shortlisting. We applied a proprietary filtering and shortlisting model that included multiple weightages across 25 sub-criteria to derive a rigorous analysis across every aspect of a potential target company for partnership.

The Approach in Partner Search Chemicals Manufacturer

Engagement ROI

The client was able to finally select four toll blenders that had the capabilities to produce the type of products that they required.

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