Laos Automotive Lubricants Market Opportunity Assessment

The client seeks to differentiate its products in the market and gain a competitive advantage.



Leading global lubricant manufacturer, expanding aggressively in developing markets across Asia.


The client had recently appointed a new distributor for Laos to reinforce their presence in the market and wanted to understand key growth levers in terms of which product viscosity and segments to focus on, competitive landscape and specifically for Laos - the threat from parallel imports as well as a broad route to market with the new distributor model.


YCP Solidiance placed a team of a manager, a senior consultant, a consultant and an analyst to conduct in depth interviews in Vientiane and Savannakhet across the key stakeholder categories including government or associations, distributors, wholesalers, workshops, spare parts shops as well as fuel stations.

Engagement ROI

Based on the project, the client has been able to discuss with the distributor and create a focused route to market strategy to differentiate themselves in the market and gain a competitive advantage by engaging the channel as well as direct customers through targeted marketing initiatives.

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