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  • Our automotive advisory services cover Asia's dynamic connected mobility market across various areas :
  • Digitalisation in automotive sector: Growing digitalization and technology have changed how business is made, and also the automotive sector has experienced great changes. All cars will be connected to the Internet, Virtual Showrooms, Autonomous driving, Predictive Maintance and Data security and Protection are just few of the new features that are posing new challenges to the automotive industry. YCP knows how to win and embrace changes in the automotive market, we will identify new strategies and roadmaps to achieve your company's targets.
  • Smart and electric vehicles: Electric cars and othe e-vehicles continues to gain momentum in the automotive industry. The widespread adpotion of electrification will not just pose chllenges for existing automakers, but will create new opportunities for new companies to enter the market. YCP Solidiance has significant expertise in this market and will guide your company to achieve growth.
  • Commercial vehicles: YCP Solidiance covers all types of commercial vehicles, from cargo vans, trucks and buses. We help you create a winning strategy to gain markets share and achieve growth in the commercial vehicle market
  • Passenger vehicles: The Asia passenger vehicles market is poised to eclipse the US market. From China to ASEAN mature countries like Singapore and Indonesia to fresh markets like Myamar, YCP Solidiace helps automotive players to win in the automotive sector.
  • Automotive aftermarket, vehicle parts, and servicing: The aftermarket industry has rapidly expanded over the last ten years. We understand this complex and fragmented market, and we help manufacturers and distributors to penentrate the Asian automotive aftermarket.
  • Automotive lubricants: YCP Solidiance helps automotive players winning in the Complex Lubricant Industry in Asia. YCP Solidiance completed several projects in the Asia lubricant market and has a deep understanding of lubricants ranging from mineral, semisynthetic, synthetic, specialty lubricants, to additives. We offer deep insigths and strategy to implement solutions to specific lubricant issues and achieve sustainable growth.

Indonesian Government to Support Electric Vehicle Adoption

The government through the presidential decree is determined to give full support to everyone involved in the adoption of EV in Indonesia.

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Laos Automotive Lubricants Market Opportunity Assessment

The client seeks to differentiate its products in the market and gain a competitive advantage.

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