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  • Our construction advisory services covers Asia's rapidly growing market across various areas :
  • Digitalisation in construction sector: The construction industry is entering the digital age. Even though, construction players are still hesitant about new technologies, digitalization represent opportunities for the construction industry, in terms of cost effiency and improvements. Thanks to IoT Smart cities leverage technology, use energy resources efficiently, real time data and enhance the overall quality of life. YCP Solidiance helps companies and organizations seeking to build or transform smart buildings using the newest digital technologies advancements.
  • Urban redevelopment & sustainable infrastructure: Climate change and diminishing natural resources are just some of the reason to transform infrastructure to a sustainable industry. Sustainbale infrastructure enables economic development, increase positive impacts and enhance the quality of life for citizens. It is not good ''just for the planet'', but also for investors and profit margins. YCP Solidiance has a deep knoweledge of the new business opportunities in the sustainable infrastructure industry, and we will provide you the best roadmaps to capture this valuable growth opportunity.
  • Smart city infrastructure: Smart cities improve services to citizens and businesses. They leverage communication technology and information to enhance service levels and improve the quality of life. YCP Solidiance managers have worked with many players in the construction industry, we can provide the right know-how to implement smart cities projects and achieve better efficiency in the Asian construction industry.
  • Sustainable and green cities: Green cities provide many benefits to citizens ranging from energy saving and cost efficiencies, to clean air and improvements in citizens health. YCP Solidiance works with companies and organizations that want to transform their projects, we help you to achieve sustainable and green targets in the Asian Construction market.
  • Smart buildings and building automation systems: Building Automation provides centralized control of building's utilities that improve efficiency and life cycle of utilities. YCP Solidiance understand the future challenges in the market and offers deep industry insights to achieve sustainable growth .
  • Green and eco-friendly buildings: Green and eco-friendly buildings are structures that provide more efficiency and sustainability throughout their life-cycle. Their benefits are not just Environmental but also Economic and Social. At YCP Solidiance we believe that implementing eco-friendly projects is necessary, and we have the right capabilities to help companies and organizations to thrive in the eco-friendly construction Industry
  • Building and construction materials: Advanced construction materials are obtaining successful share against cheap products in Asia. YCP Solidiance understands the new challenges posed by the shift in the market and provide strategic solutions for growth and transformation in the Asian Construction market
  • Building utilities: There are significant opportunities for utilities provider as gas, water, electricity and sewage in Asia and in ASEAN emerging economies. YCP Solidiance understand the various challenges this market presents and helps clients to determine a clear go/no-go strategy.
  • HVAC: The HVAC market represent a large segment of the Asian Construction industry. YCP Solidiance offers strategic solutions to understand trends and demand ac ross key markets to achieve company's targets and beat the competition in the HVAC Asian market

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