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  • Our transportation & logistics advisory services cover Asia's dynamic connected mobility market across various areas :
  • Co-sharing mobility, e-hailing platforms: The increased popularity of shared mobility services is changing customers behavior in the automotive sector. Global vehicles sales will slow, but new business opportunities will be created, automakers, suppliers and other players in the market must be ready to embrace this revolution and at YCP Solidiance you will find the right experts to guide you through these new business options
  • Automation in logistics: Ride the next growth of logistics in India, China, and other developing Asian countries through automation for your logistics services. The rise of e-commerce provides ample opportunities for logistics players to grab, and our automation strategi and implementation help you stay ahead of the game in Asia's highly competitive market.
  • Urban mobility in Asia: Asia's highly populated cities with millions of inhabitants rely on public transportation for their mode of mobility. Railways, roads and water system optimization continues to be key issues to address as the urbanization wave continues. Our consumer-centric approach helps transporation businesses grow despite strategic, operational, and digital challenges facing the industry.
  • Digitized supply chain: Digital supply chain offers increased efficiency, speed, and operational flexibility. In Asia, where most supply chains are still run on traditional processes, challenges exist for those who refuse to transform due to factors such as lack of tech advancement and poor management choices. We help by mapping out the right omnichannel customer strategies and implementing seamless customer experience with the right digital optimisation.

Indonesian Government to Support Electric Vehicle Adoption

The government through the presidential decree is determined to give full support to everyone involved in the adoption of EV in Indonesia.

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Laos Automotive Lubricants Market Opportunity Assessment

The client seeks to differentiate its products in the market and gain a competitive advantage.

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