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Our M&A support aims to maximize your growth and realize the value of your deals in Asia.

Due diligence: Ensuring the best value of your deals in Asia requires a carefully done due diligence process. Our experienced team helps you evaluate your potential transactions by assessing the market and competition, synergy valuation, target business plan, integration support, and more.

Post-merger integration: Capturing the maximum value of M&A deals requires a solid and agile post-merger integration strategy. We also help implement the necessary operational and organizational changes to mitigate the risks of business loss.

IPO: We help fast-growing startups, regional or global corporations plan for initial public offering in Asian markets through strategy formulation, developing best IPO structure, financing strategies, investor presentations, and long-term capability building to ensure maximum lasting values.

Valuation: Justifying the value of organizations in Asia's rapidly growing and volatile market has been getting increasingly sophisticated. YCP Solidiance understands the value at stake and aims to deliver solid historical performance and forecast analysis in order to maximize shareholder and company value.

Partners search in Asia: Our on-the-ground team in Asia identifies and thoroughly assesses the best acquisition or partner targets for your business. We provide an effective target identification process based on solid research and strategic assessment, to take the real advantage of the growth opportunities in the market.

M&A strategy: Being positioned at the forefront of the M&A market in Asia, our team pays close attention to how it continues to evolve amidst the trade tension. Our M&A strategy advisory aims to address issues related to your investments in the region upon today's uncertainties and turn the existing challenges into possible opportunities you can leverage.

How We Help Clients

Corporate Entity Restructuring Advisory and M&A Target Search

The client is a Fortune 500 multinational company focused on medical imaging and sensing devices.

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